Public Service Announcement

WPX has six new oil wells under way at a single drilling pad in the West Lybrook federal unit. This development received final approval from the BLM in December 2015.

Please expect the possibility of increased truck traffic near the intersection of U.S. Highway 550 and County Road 7890 as work at our drilling pad increases.

All of the wells have already been drilled. That work finished in February. Now we’re completing the wells, which ultimately will allow oil production to start.

Increased work at the site is expected to last from May to early July. Most of the equipment has been mobilized, but truck traffic related to sand and materials handling will continue.

Workers will be onsite to promote awareness and public safety. At this point, we are not expecting any road closures.

You are welcome to call us at (505) 333-1800 if you have any questions. We will have a representative going door-to-door on May 11 to alert local residents about this news, too.

The West Lybrook unit also was approved by the New Mexico Oil Conservation Division in September 2015.


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