UPDATE 4: Fire 75% Out: Precautions Remain in Place Overnight

The fire at a WPX oil production site in San Juan County, New Mexico, is approximately 75 percent out as the incident approaches the 24-hour mark.

Precautions including a public safety perimeter and the county’s incident command structure are scheduled to remain in place overnight Tuesday.

Roughly a quarter of the 36 temporary storage tanks were showing flames extending 4-5 feet high as of 8 p.m. Mountain time. Conditions at the 5-acre site are not safe for entry at this point.

The fire is being allowed to burn itself out as a means for furthering environmental protections, particularly to prevent the spread of any petroleum products beyond the WPX site.

Air quality monitoring is ongoing. Work is being performed by the company, the Farmington fire department and the Environmental Protection Agency. WPX’s real-time readings for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are being collected and shared with emergency responders.

No injuries or damage to adjacent property has been reported. WPX is providing lodging to families (approximately 10) who have been temporarily displaced for safety reasons.

Media inquiries can be directed to Kelly Swan at (918) 629-1037. The company plans to issue another update after the fire is out — or earlier if conditions warrant.

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