Learn more about our background in NM

The San Juan Basin is the very first place WPX began to explore for oil and natural gas. Our business background in northwest New Mexico dates back to 1983.

More information, including a fact sheet, on our operations in the San Juan Basin is available at http://www.wpxenergy.com/operations/state-profiles/new-mexico.aspx

Our office in Aztec, NM, employs 85 people who are working with local emergency agencies to coordinate the response to the fire at our new 6-well site near Nageezi.

As of Wednesday morning, July 13, only 7 of the 36 temporary storage tanks at the site were still burning, although the fire is significantly diminished.

Prior to the fire, we most recently hosted a town hall/open house for Navajo Allottees on Feb. 11, 2016, to update our closest neighbors on our 2016 development plans.

We are always willing to improve our communications and extend our outreach activities to our stakeholders. Please send feedback to kelly.swan@wpxenergy.com.



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