Thank You Goes A Long Way…Literally

Navajo Allottee Verna Martinez recently sent us something pretty special – a hand-written note from herself and drawings that her grandkids did for us.

Verna and some of her relatives were among the families who were temporarily displaced during the fire that occurred at one of our oil production sites in the San Juan Basin this summer.

During the emergency, our local superintendent Randy VanDenBerg said, “We value our neighbors and regret the difficulties they experienced. This was not easy for anyone, especially for people who had to leave their homes. Their patience and cooperation was vital to achieving a safe outcome.”

WPX took care of Verna’s family and others during the evacuation period by providing lodging, food, gas and other support. Our Aztec office loved their personalized expressions of gratitude. The cards have since been framed and are on display in our office.

But that’s not all. Our local staff was so impressed that they took the cards with them on an 800-mile journey to our headquarters in Tulsa where the team showed the cards to WPX CEO Rick Muncrief during a business meeting.

Rick’s in the center of the photo, along with Heather Riley, Chad Odegard, Randy VanDanBerg and Andrea Felix from our San Juan Basin operations team.

We think Verna deserves the last word here. In her card, she wrote, “Thanks for understanding as we voiced out our concerns. We truly thank WPX from the bottom of our hearts. God bless.”

The investigation into the cause of the fire is nearing completion. WPX will discuss what it learned before the end of the year.

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