Honoring Our Soldiers

Note: This is a personal letter from WPX’s CEO Rick Muncrief to the entire company.

“Earlier this week, all of us had the opportunity to cast a ballot in our country’s presidential election. It is for freedoms like this that we owe our veterans a tremendous debt of gratitude for their courage, valor and service.

All of our veterans have made significant sacrifices for our nation, and more personally, for you and for me. They have given of their years, time with their families, their health and welfare, and of course, even their very lives. Today, veterans are equally important in the American workforce.

At WPX, we are honored and humbled to work alongside our distinguished servicemen and women every day. They are represented in our basins, at our headquarters and across functions such as automation, IT, HR, completions, engineering, safety, accounting and knowledge management.

Our examples include Teresa Van Deusen in the Williston Basin (Air Force), Ricky Ellis in the Permian Basin (Army), Craig Jarboe in the San Juan Basin (Army) and Erica Thompson-Perrier at our headquarters (Army). These are just four of the veterans who comprise more than 5 percent of WPX’s overall staff.

Let’s never pass up an opportunity to show our respect for veterans in our workplace, in public or for the soldiers we encounter first-hand as we travel through airports or see them in everyday life. Shake their hands, ask their name, buy them a burger, tell them how much they matter. Encouragement is like jet fuel for the soul.

And never underestimate the challenges that our veterans and soldiers face, fighting the threat of terrorism here and abroad, entering hostile environments in some of the world’s most dangerous places, finding civilian employment after their service, and getting the proper care for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

To all of our veterans at WPX, thank you! You’re an example of grit and guts that makes WPX people proud!”


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