Traveling for Turkey Day?

According to AAA, 48.7 million Americans will hit the road this Thanksgiving and travel 50 miles or more from home, an increase of 1 million travelers compared to last year.

The jump in Thanksgiving road trips is “spurred by the second-cheapest Thanksgiving gas prices since 2008.”

Speaking of those savings, AAA estimates drivers have saved $28 billion at the pumps already this year thanks to abundant supplies of American-made oil and gas.

During the most recent quarter, WPX produced more than 7,000 barrels per day of oil in the San Juan Basin. These volumes go to customers like Western Refining who turn the crude oil into products like gasoline.

And the savings aren’t limited to fuel. Lower prices for electricity, heating, numerous products and other energy-related savings have added an average of $1,337 back to household budgets.

Manufactures are reaping the rewards of homegrown energy production, too. Overall American manufacturing costs are now 10 to 20 percent lower than those in Europe and could be 2 to 3 percent lower than China’s by 2018, giving U.S. industries a critical competitive edge.

And the environment? Carbon emissions from energy use for the first six months of 2016 are at their lowest level in 25 years according to the Energy Information Administration.

The U.S. leads the world in reducing carbon emissions, largely due to increased use of clean-burning natural gas to generate electricity.

WPX employs roughly 125 people in New Mexico, including 80 at our office in Aztec, who help make achievements like these possible. Happy Thanksgiving!

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