Monthly Archives: December 2016

See You In 2017

At WPX, we always wish you well! We’re so grateful for our vendors, suppliers, neighbors, lessors, Navajo allottee friendships and the community support we see for local drilling. The San Juan Basin continues to play a really important role in our nation’s energy…

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Emissions Management at WPX

We know methane is a greenhouse gas with a higher global warming potential than carbon dioxide. Methane is the primary component of natural gas and is produced along with oil in all of our basins. WPX is committed to the responsible…

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“Rolling Up Our Sleeves”

WPX people are eager to increase local oil production in 2017. The company plans to invest $150-$170 million in the San Juan Basin next year. Overall, WPX is looking to double its company-wide oil production over the next two years….

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