What the frack? We have answers

Sometimes, just hearing the word is enough to get people all worked up. But why? Hydraulic fracturing has been around since the 1940s. That’s right, oil and gas companies have used the technique for nearly 70 years now.

The process is used to create tiny holes in layers of rocks, shale or sandstone to free up oil and natural gas from where its been “trapped” for a long time. It’s sorta similar to “sand blasting,” except in this case the sand creates tiny holes (called fractures) instead of cleaning a surface.

Without fracking, there would be a lot less oil and gas in the marketplace – a LOT less. By most reasonable accounts, somewhere between 60-80% of today’s energy production wouldn’t even be possible….without fracking.

Just think of what you’d be paying to fill up your tank if 60-80% of the nation’s oil supply suddenly vanished. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to because fracking is a time-tested and totally proven process that’s safe, reliable and effective.

Despite what you may have heard, fracking doesn’t take place anywhere near shallow fresh water zones. Normally, somewhere between 4,000-8,000 feet (up to 1.5 miles) of solid impermeable rock separates those water sources from where fracking actually occurs, which is much, much deeper down in the earth.

WPX has compiled plenty of helpful information about fracking in a pretty comprehensive package.  So if you’re looking for answers about fracking, start by searching here.

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