WPX is committed to continuous improvement and technological innovation. In our San Juan Basin we are reducing truck traffic by laying miles of pipelines to support our new wells.

This increases safety, reduces costs and keeps to a minimum the days needed for flaring, according our San Juan Basin Director Ken McQueen.

WPX continues to build out an oil, gas and water gathering system for its Gallup development in northwest New Mexico.

In 2013-14, WPX laid 95 miles of pipe in the basin. This year, we’ve already laid another 71 miles of pipeline for a total of 166 so far.

“We’ll continue to build out the system as we move forward with additional drilling,” McQueen said in a recent article in The Daily Times of Farmington.

“We will continue to put in place what we consider the backbone on the system and as we drill additional wells on either side of that backbone, that system would continue to branch out to those locations.”

Read more about our project in the full story in The Daily Times.

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