• A national registry that shows the additives used in hydraulic fracturing on a well-by-well basis is available online
  • WPX was one of the first energy producers to voluntarily post details on the database
  • The information is available to anyone in the public

A website where companies can voluntarily list the chemical additives that are used to hydraulically fracture oil and gas wells made its debut in 2011. The address for the site is

WPX was among the first energy producers to start disclosing details on the database. The website was created by the Ground Water Protection Council and the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission.

To view the information yourself, please visit the “Find a Well” page on the registry, choose WPX as the operator and New Mexico as the state.

With regard to the additives used in fracturing wells, there are explanations on the website. It also helps to remember that these additives are widely used in many other applications, as well.

For instance, hydrochloric acid is used to maintain the pH level in swimming pools and petroleum distillates are used in cosmetics and in food coloring for items such as candy.


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