The San Juan Basin is one of the oldest and most prolific coal bed methane plays in the world. It is located in northwest New Mexico and includes the Fruitland, Mesaverde and Mancos formations.

The Fruitland coal bed extends to depths of approximately 4,200 feet with net thickness ranging from zero to 100 feet.

The Mesaverde play is the top producing tight gas play in the basin with total thickness ranging from 500 to 2,500 feet. The Mesaverde is underlain by the upper Mancos Shale and overlain by the Lewis Shale.

The Mancos Shale, locally referred to as the Gallup Sandstone, is found at a depth of approximately 5,400 feet and is fine-grained sandstone interval of approximately 150 feet thick. The Mancos Shale includes both oil and natural gas.

WPX also is working in the Permian Basin in the southeast part of the state. Our new Permian operations have existing production from 10 of 12 prospective benches in a 9,000 foot hydrocarbon-charged stratigraphic column that includes the Wolfcamp, Bone Spring, Avalon and Delaware Sands intervals.


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