WPX has been active in the state’s San Juan Basin for more than three decades.

Our San Juan properties include holdings across the basin producing primarily from the Mesaverde, Fruitland Coal and Mancos Shale formations which are predominantly gas bearing.

We operate four units in New Mexico (Rosa, Cox Canyon, Northwest Lybrook and South Chaco) and also operate the Northeast Chaco CA (Communitized Area), as well as a number of non-unit properties.

In 2013, we announced a successful oil discovery in the Mancos Gallup Sandstone in the San Juan Basin that has the potential to significantly increase our oil production and reserves in future years. We refer to these operations as the Gallup oil play.

Some of our acreage in the San Juan Basin is leased to us by or with the approval of the federal government or its agencies, including the  Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and the Federal Indian Minerals Office.

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